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Digital Pigment
You will find in this site, abstract photos, abstract paintings, digital paintings
and digital artworks. Personal exhibition online. abstract art, photograph abstraction computer
art, abstract photo, artwork, painting, visual, picture colour macro
creative photo macrophotography, creation... photographer: bertrand
raguet (the artist) french young painter living in france. The site
shows pictures of: earth water stone light sun white birds hand
drop of water sea ocean ice... sky night... moon motion jam honey plant
hands shadow bubbles moss blue drops personal exhibition of digital
artworks... creations, paints... paintwork... pain. Please, juste
silence everywhere... Inner silence. Painting.exhibit on-line, personnel...
virtual gallery: photographs, oil on canvas, galleries, oils, lyric, exhibits, ...graphic, plastic
arts, abstract pictures, fine art, creative... night photography,
creation. colour, paint... paintwork, fine-arts bla bla... Pictures
made from photos, digital transformation, photos manipulated and with digital paint...
Free painting. Abstract computer artworks. Abstract photographs. I take photos to obtain pictures that only this medium allows, that
I can't create with paint or a computer. Just pictures. Graphic

 language. Abstraction world. Indy art, modern art, contemporary art. Abstract expressionism.