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-"The Secret" by Drew Heriot, Rhonda Byrne, Esther Hicks...
-"The Law of Attraction In Action Episode I" by Abraham, Esther Hicks...
-"The Corporation" by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott...
- (i'm not convinced about the part on Jesus, but after that, wow!! nothing better to understand what is the dark government... NWO...)
-"Water Crystals in Motion- Messages From Water " by
Masaru Emoto
-"The Future of Food" by Exequiel Ezcurra
-"An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore
-"Crop Circles - Quest for Truth" by
 William Gazecki
-"Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World" by  Cori Brackett


Miyamoto Musashi Toki Tomikage
Shu Chuanxi


-"Steppenwolf" by Hermann Hesse
-The books by Carlos Castaneda
-"Tantric quest: an encounter with absolute love" by Daniel Odier

-"Plexus" by Henry Miller

-"A good day to die" by Jim Harrison


Painting - The artist liked and recommend:

-The painters Zao Wou-ki, Georges Mathieu, Ishigooka, Miyamoto Musashi (the samurai),
Olivier Debré, Pierre Soulages, Marfaing, old chinese painters...

Music - The artist liked:

-"Remember M
e" by Otis Redding
-The album "666.667 club" by Noir Désir
-"The singles collection" and "The man who sold the world" by David Bowie, for example...
-"OK Computer" by Radiohead (and all the others albums)
-"Fun" and "Rejected Unknown" by Daniel Johnston
-The white album by The Beatles (1968)
-"Xtrmntr" by Primal Scream....
-"You all look the same to me" by Archive

Other artists:
Philippe Découflé (dance), Andy Goldsworthy (Land art)...


Painting Reproductions

Zhou Sicong
         , organic food in mexico, and temazcal en veracruz (sweatlodge).      
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